A hair salon at a family home has been forced to cut its opening hours after complaints were raised.

The salon, in an outbuilding next to the three bedroom home in Seafield Road, Redbridge, was open seven days a week.

It had to apply for retrospective planning permission.

At a Southampton City Council planning meeting on Tuesday, case officer, Connor Chalmers, said: “The main problems that have been addressed with this proposal are the opening hours from 9.00am until 8.00pm during the week, and from 9.00am until 5.00pm on Sunday.”

“Parking another issue that has been raised. The property is a three-bedroom house so requires at least two spaces – with a third for the salon.”

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A number of councillors had said prior to the meeting they would be objecting.

Cllr Sally Goodfellow said: “I will be objecting to this application due to parking concerns, and the signs causing a distraction to drivers on this already tight bend.”

A separate application has been received by the council for the signs advertising the salon – with concerns being raised around the adverts distracting drivers.

Also opposing the application, Cllr Catherine McEwing said: “Planning consent to run a business seven days a week is unfair to the local residential area.”

In response to the issues raised by Cllr Goodfellow and Cllr McEwing, Connor said: “We have removed the Sunday opening hours entirely, including on public holidays.

“The new weekday hours will be from 9.00am until 7.00pm.”

The applicant also has a dedicated parking space for salon customers.

The council approved the proposal with the following conditions: only the opening hours 9am until 7pm are permitted; 15 minute gaps between appointments and only one customer at a time to address the issues with parking; only the applicant can work at the site.