Dessert specialist Creams has been giving away free ice cream on Black Friday to get the message out to residents that they are the top desert place in Eastleigh.

The ice cream shop, on Wells Place, is located at the Swan Centre and is known for its range of ice cream, waffles, cookie dough and creps.

Robert Barton, 24, the assistant manager at Creams, said: “We want the people of Eastleigh to know we are here – we are slightly hidden from the rest of the Swan Centre, so we want people to know we are here and serving the best ice cream.

“We hope they enjoy their ice cream so much that they may consider paying us a future visit.”

The most popular ice cream flavours given away were mango, Oreo, and bubble gum – the most popular flavour with children.

This is the first time Creams has done this and the venue said it had received a fantastic reaction from local residents.