The ultimate cricket batting experience in Southampton has been open for a little over a month now and it’s proving to be far more than just a novelty experience, demanding to be played time and again.

Situated in Westquay – below Showcase Cinema De Lux – the all-batting experience is great fun for both keen cricketers and novices of the sport.

With two nets on offer, groups (four feels like a good limit to give everyone plenty of time to experience the simulator) can hire a net for approximately one hour, either online or in person, and experience an array of game modes.

Participants have the option of experiencing either T20, The Hundred, or World Cup game modes as a virtual reality screen sees the likes of famous bowlers such as Shane Warne, James Anderson, and Andrew Flintoff take aim and bowl at your wicket.

Daily Echo:

Each batter will face an over at the stumps – with each game mode lasting for different periods of time – with an over in T20 (six balls) or The Hundred (five balls) emulating the sport’s real-life in-game moments.

As you take turns in the nets there’s an enclosed seating area where friends and family can watch the shenanigans unfold.

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Daily Echo:

Even better, there’s an interactive scoreboard that keeps track of your progress, so you’ll know how you’re doing and be able to claim a winner at the end of each game mode – with the results even being emailed to you afterwards!

Participants are able to hit sixes and fours – assuming you’re better than me and can actually hit the ball – with scoring zones marked out in the net.

It’s a very hands-on experience, with those batting able to decide on their difficulty – from one to five (the latter being the hardest) before entering the net, by navigating an interactive screen about the size of an iPad.

The trouble is, the screen is located on the outside of the net, so if someone in your group wanted to sabotage your difficulty and adjust it so that you face a 75mph ball rather than a delivery 40mph slower, it’s quite easy!

The virtual reality screen is quite life-like, as you really feel the pressure when a bowler barrels down the pitch towards you, with the ball being fired from a discrete hole in the wall.

Drinks are also available to buy from a ‘sixes’ themed bar at the rear of the netting, allowing you to relax before or after your game.

Sixes Southampton is an addictive experience that is sure to get repeat visits and definitely something for all the family.