A couple who fought to build an eco house have been refused planning permission.

Sarah and Paul Ledger had high hopes for their proposed, two-bedroom Eco Passivhaus at the end of their garden in Brockenhurst.

But the pair’s dream was not made a reality after the New Forest National Park Authority rejected the plans.

According to the couple, several neighbours supported the proposals for the bungalow, but it faced fierce criticism from residents and members of Brockenhurst Parish Council.

Speaking at the planning committee meeting on November 21, fellow Partridge Road residents Mr and Mrs Murphy objected to the plans.

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Mrs Murphy said: “We object to a dwelling on the north side of Highwood Road.

“This committee previously refused a substantially similar proposal in the adjacent garden and that refusal was held up by appeal in March 2022.

“The undeveloped long-reared gardens provided a break between residential development to the north and mixed community uses to the south.

“We don’t object in principle to sustainable or accessible dwellings.

“However these factors are not unqualified and cannot be at the expense of the area.”

But planning consultant Louise Cutts argued for the plans to be approved.

She said: “The proposal sets a very good precedent.

“It is in a highly sustainable location and in a village where development is acceptable.”

The plans were refused by the planning committee on November 21.