Southampton is set to be impacted by more wintery weather over the course of this week, with freezing temperatures possible.

At the end of last week, much of the UK saw its first frost of the winter with very cold temperatures during the night, which is anticipated to continue towards the end of this current week.

Speaking earlier in the week, David Oliver, a Met Office deputy chief meteorologist, explained: “After some rain on Monday, conditions will turn mainly dry in the south for a time before a very uncertain period on Thursday and Friday for the southern half of England and Wales.

"The weather models are highlighting several possible solutions from very wet to mainly dry, with a mainly dry picture the most probable outcome at present."

Here's what's anticipated over the next five days in Southampton.

Southampton rest of the week weather forecast

The full Met Office page for Southampton can be found on the website here.

Wednesday, November 29

  • 6am - 4C, cloudy 
  • 9am - 4C, cloudy
  • 12pm - 5C, cloudy
  • 3pm - 6C, sunny intervals
  • 6pm - 4C, cloudy
  • 9pm - 3C, cloudy

Thursday, November 30

  • 6am - 3C, overcast
  • 9am - 3C, overcast
  • 12pm - 4C, overcast
  • 3pm - 4C, cloudy
  • 6pm - 4C, cloudy
  • 9pm - 2C, partly cloudy

Friday, December 1

  • 6am - 0C, cloudy
  • 9am - 1C, cloudy
  • 12pm - 3C, sunny intervals
  • 3pm - 4C, sunny
  • 6pm - 2C, partly cloudy
  • 9pm - 0C, clear night

Saturday, December 2

  • 6am - 0C, cloudy
  • 9am - 1C, cloudy
  • 12pm - 4C, sunny intervals
  • 3pm - 4C, light shower
  • 6pm - 2C, clear night
  • 9pm - 2C, clear night

Sunday, December 3

  • 6am - 1C, clear
  • 9am - 2C, sunny intervals
  • 12pm - 5C, cloudy
  • 3pm - 6C, sunny
  • 6pm - 6C, cloudy
  • 9pm - 6C, cloudy

On the outlook from Thursday to Saturday, the Met Office states: "Overnight fog slowly clearing Thursday. An area of rain then probably arrives from the south, possibly falling as snow over higher hills. Clearing Friday to bright spells. Cloudier Saturday. Cold."