An Eastleigh resident has slammed Vivid after he had to wait more than seven months for a disabled ramp to be installed at his home, resulting in him attending A&E three times.

Adam Hobbs, 58, has lived in a flat on Selborne Drive for 20 years and has been asking Vivid to install a ramp at his property since March.

The lack of a ramp has left Adam with severe bruising from trying to manoeuvre his scooter in and out of his house.

Adam said: “I was really struggling to get the folded scooter in through the door and asked Vivid if they could install a ramp.

“The mobility scooter issue has caused me physical pain such as bruised ribs and a bruised hip that has resulted in me going to A&E three times.”

He was born with Kabuki Syndrome, meaning he has learning disabilities, is only four foot and nine inches tall and was born with a cleft pallet.

Adam also has hearing problems and club feet making mobility an issue for him.

Daily Echo: Adam Hobbs has had to go to A&E with bruised ribs three timesAdam Hobbs has had to go to A&E with bruised ribs three times (Image: NQ)He also suffers from spinocerebellar degeneration which causes slurred speech and ataxia, a lack of balance and coordination.

By July, someone from Vivid finally came out to do a survey. They took lots of photos, Adam said, and it all started to look promising for him.

Despite initially being told by Vivid that they 'never fit wooden ramps', one was installed on November 22.

This was after Adam complained when his neighbour got one of the temporary ramps fitted within weeks of getting a mobility scooter.

Now he is still waiting for a permanent one to be installed.

He said: "This is not only affecting my physical health but also my mental health as it is so depressing not being able to leave the flat.”

Daily Echo: The wooden step was fitted on November 22The wooden step was fitted on November 22 (Image: NQ)


In response to this, Carolyn Munns, Head of Property Services at Vivid said: “We’ve recently installed a temporary ramp for a walker following a request from the Occupational Therapist.

“This took us much longer than it should have.

“A ramp and pathway request of this size is usually covered by the disabled facilities grant via the Local Authority so we’ve installed a temporary one until this can be fulfilled.

“We’re engaging with the Occupational Therapist and Local Authority to see how we can support this.”