Hundreds more homes could be on the cards at a major housing development.

An extra 500 houses could be built as part of Eastleigh Borough Council’s One Horton Heath project.

The ambitious plans were already set to see 2,500 homes built but now this will be increased to 3,000.

Leader of the council Keith House announced the news at full council.

Daily Echo: Cllr keith HouseCllr keith House (Image: Newsquest)

But Independent councillor Gin Tidridge raised concerns about the new figures – and the project overall.

Raising a motion for an independent review to be conducted into One Horton Heath, she said: “This council is spending £326,330 every month for a project where it may make a loss of £45m.

“This is not easing my concerns expressed in the summer about the financial viability of the scheme.

“I am not calling into question whether the council has met its own rules, ticked the right boxes, applied its own processes., rather, I am calling into question how seriously this council is taking what appears to be a terrifying financial risk arising from this massive project.

“I am calling for an independent review because I cannot see any other way that this state of affairs will be addressed.

“Yes, audit and resources have asked for more visibility of the project, but that won’t be enough.”

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She added: “I don’t want to see Eastleigh joining Woking and Birmingham.

“A scheme costing nearly a third more than two years ago with a potential loss of £45M is already costing this council £326k every month.”

Cllr Tidridge’s motion, which was seconded by Conservative councillor Steve Broomfield, was rejected.

Despite concerns raised, Cllr House has reiterated the benefits of additional housing.

Speaking to the Echo, he said: “The council’s detailed work on its flagship One Horton Heath project suggests that an additional up to 500 homes can be accommodated in the built part of the site, with no loss of green space.

“This will save other greenfield land around the Borough being allocated for housing and is really good news.

“The council is reinvesting profits from its housing development back into the community through higher environmental standards alongside meeting housing need.

“No planning approval is needed at this stage as this additional housing will be in the later stages of the project, still 10 years away."