A couple have been left distraught after discovering their beloved cat decapitated.

Catherine Lansom was leaving for work when she saw her pet Loki’s lifeless body near her back gate  in West End.

Horrified, the 46-year-old ran inside to her partner Kelvin Bellini.

Kelvin, 56, ventured outside and saw Loki lying on the grass – without his head and tail.

The bathroom fitter said he is now having nightmares about what he saw.

Daily Echo:

He said: “Catherine was leaving for work but she came running back inside seconds later.

“I ran out into the garden, saw Loki, and realised he didn’t have a head.

“I have seen some awful things in my life but this was the worst.

“I got a dust sheet from my van and wrapped him up.

“I was telling myself that the cut was too clean for him to have been killed by a fox.”

Kelvin immediately took Loki to the vets, who agreed the ‘cut was too clean’ for it to have been done by an animal.

He said: “The vet told me it looks like Loki was hit with a blunt object, taken away for the blood to dry, before his head and tail were cut off.”

The loss of Loki, aged four, only comes a few years after the pair lost another cat.

This left ‘a big void’ in their lives which they are experiencing once again.

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Kelvin said: “I feel numb and I can’t focus. I have so much anger too.

“Catherine is distraught, and so am I. I don’t see how anybody could do this.”

Loki’s body remains at the vets while the pair hold out hope for the return of his head and tail.

Catherine described Loki as an ‘absolutely lovely’ cat.

She said: “We had Loki from a kitten.

“He was always an outside boy but if it was raining, he would sleep on our bed, sofa, or on all his blankets.

“We want this incident out there because we can’t bear the thought of this happening to anybody else.”

Kelvin reported the incident on Thursday last week (November 23) to the police who are due to carry out a follow-up visit.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Constabulary said: “It was reported that the cat was suspected to have been killed deliberately.

“We have reviewed the evidence and viable lines of enquiry available to us and the incident has currently been filed pending any further information becoming available.

“Any new information or viable lines of enquiry that come to light will be reviewed.”

They added: “People can report incidents of this nature to us via 101 or our website and reports will always be reviewed and all viable lines of enquiry explored.

“The local neighbourhood policing teams review all reported incidents in their areas on a regular basis and will investigate any emerging patterns or crime trends.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting reference 44230479696.