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Monopoly: Southampton Edition

At long last, the moment had arrived for board game enthusiasts in the city.

Speculation had been rampant for months as to which landmarks and locales were going to be featured in the new Monopoly: Southampton Edition. 

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Then, with the games' release on October 21, 2004, all questions were answered.

Daily Echo: Miss Southampton Emily Roberts launching the new Southampton city Monopoly game at The De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel with concierge Derek Rodaway

The iconic property trading game was launched at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton, which was featured on the board's Bond Street position.

A total of 30 locations from the city were included on the board rather than iconic London sites such as Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street and Park Lane. Instead, these spots were occupied by places like Westquay shopping centre and Southampton Central railway station.

The prestigious Mayfair square was awarded to Cunard's Queen Elizabeth II terminal, while the cheaper Old Kent Road slot went to Southampton Common.

Daily Echo: The boating lake on Southampton Common in the autum sunshine page13

The Daily Echo was given the honour of occupying one of the Community Chest spaces of the game board.

Many of the locations have changed since the original printing, with places such as the Bargate Centre no longer existing and The Rose Bowl changing its name.

Subsequent versions have changed some squares to make the board more current.

Daily Echo: Westquay shopping centre

Despite not technically being a part of Southampton, Beaulieu in the New Forest was included. Earlier this year, the forest got its very own edition.

Monopoly: Southampton Edition was incredibly popular when first on sale, so much so it was difficult to find a copy. In 2004 it sold for £24.99, while today it costs £34.99.

The following is a complete list of all the squares from the original release travelling clockwise around the board from the starting position.

  • Go
  • Southampton Common - brown
  • The Southern Daily Echo - community chest
  • Biffa in Normandy Way - brown
  • Inland Revenue - income tax
  • Southampton Central Station
  • Beaulieu in the New Forest - blue
  • Chance
  • Solent Sky Museum in Albert Road South - blue
  • Southampton City Council in the Civic Centre - blue
  • In jail/ just visiting
  • The Quays Swimming and Diving Complex in Harbour Parade - pink
  • Southampton General Hospital
  • The Rose Bowl - pink
  • Southampton Football Club - pink
  • Southampton Airport
  • Southampton Municipal Golf Course in Golf Course Road - orange
  • 107.8FM The Saint - community chest
  • The Mall Marlands - orange
  • Rockbottom Toystore in the Bargate Centre - orange
  • Free Parking
  • Titanic Crew Memorial - red
  • chance
  • Skandia in Portland Terrace - red
  • Going Places in London Road - red
  • The Bargate: Walk The Walls
  • BBC Radio South in Havelock Road - yellow
  • The Mayflower in Commercial Road - yellow
  • Electric Company
  • Casino and Club in Harbour House - yellow
  • Go to jail
  • City College - green
  • Southampton Institute in East Park Terrace - green
  • Inland Revenue - Community Chest
  • De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel in West Quay Road - green
  • Port of Southampton
  • Chance
  • Westquay shopping centre - navy
  • Bank deposit
  • Cunard in Queen Elizabeth II Terminal - navy