Could we have sipped our last pints of Old Thumper, Boondoggle and other classic Hampshire-brewed beverages?

After failing to attract a buyer, the owners of Ringwood Brewery have been forced to make the unfortunate decision to close shop.

Over the past six months, Carlsberg Marston's Brewing Company (CMBC) has been advertising their brewery and shop sites for sale, however, they failed to receive an offer that met their expectations.

As a result, production of the Ringwood ale brands will be moved to other breweries within the CMBC network and Ringwood Brewery will close in January 2024.

Brewing for the cask variants of Razorback, Fortyniner and Boondoggle will move to Banks’s Brewery, while Old Thumper cask brewing will go to Marston’s Brewery.

Daily Echo: Ringwood Brewery

Established in 1978, the renowned Brewery of the town was created by Peter Austin and has been a major driving force in Britain's craft brewery revival. Much like Fritz Maytag from San Francisco's Anchor Brewing Company and Pierre Celis from Hoegaarden Brewery in Belgium, Austin had a tremendous influence on his nation's beer industry.

Austin's expertise in the field of brewing was evident through his consulting business and equipment sales. A number of well-known craft brewers use his equipment, including Geary's Brewing, Shipyard, and Middle Ages Brewing Company.

Established in Minty's Yard, the brewery had to expand due to its popularity and thus relocated to a new spot in 1986. This is where it remains today.

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In an effort to be as sustainable and as eco-conscious as possible, a brewery was constructed on the grounds of an old railway goods yard. The design took into consideration the environment in all aspects.

The Ringwood Brewery has become renowned for its award-winning beers, such as Old Thumper. This strong ale earned the prestigious Champion Beer of Britain award in 1991 and continues to be a favourite among beer enthusiasts. It's well known for its deep malty taste and spicy aroma.

Ringwood Brewery has opened its doors to thousands of visitors over the years. Touring the facilities and taking part in beer tastings are just some of the many things that visitors have done on the premises. In addition, the onsite restaurant and bar provide a more relaxed atmosphere where patrons can try one of Ringwood's own ales.

After Covid-19 struck in 2020, tours were momentarily put on hold and never made a return.

Daily Echo: Ringwood Brewery.

In 2007, £19.2 million was paid by Marston's plc to acquire the Ringwood Brewery. After the purchase, Marston's disclosed that it would continue operating the brewery and offering all varieties of Ringwood beers.

In 2013, Ringwood brought in a complete overhaul of their brand image. This included altering the alcohol content of Old Thumper from 5.6 per cent to 5.1 per cent.

Established in Ringwood, this brewery has brewed more than a quarter of a billion pints since it began.

Ringwood Brewery has become a renowned name among beer aficionados. Widely recognised for their superior quality and flavourful taste, these brews can be found in many countries across the globe.