A Saints fan who fell at St Mary’s Stadium asked for his life support to be switched off so his organs could go to those in desperate need, his heartbroken family have told the Daily Echo.

Courageous Simon Oakley, of International Way in Weston, made the difficult decision to come off a ventilator after waking up from a coma at Southampton General Hospital.

His older brother Brian, 83, said the dad-of-four made the 'bravest decision anyone could take' - with his kidneys and corneas going to patients the day he died - five weeks after his fall on November 13.

Simon, 59, had been in a coma after he suffered a spinal injury in a fall in the Itchen Stand at the Rotherham game that paralysed him from the neck down.

Brian told the Echo: “It was a very brave decision, and he did it all while being fully aware of his surroundings."

Daily Echo: Brian Oakley, Simon's older brotherBrian Oakley, Simon's older brother (Image: Newsquest)

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As reported, Simon fell at the game on October 7 when he collapsed ten minutes before half-time. Play was paused for ten minutes while CPR was administered.

After the incident at St Mary’s, his family were told by consultants that Simon had suffered life-changing injuries and had been paralysed from the neck down.

In the days that followed, Simon woke up from a coma, but it was clear his life would never be the same.

“The family hoped that he would recover but I think in time we all realised that he never would,” Brian said.

While in the hospital, Simon was visited by Saints legend Francis Benali who according to Brian “overjoyed” Simon.

Soon after that, Simon made the decision his ventilator should be switched off so his organs could be donated to those in need.

He chose to draw his last breath at 3pm on November 13 - marking the kick-off of the Saints game that day, and because he was born on April 13.

Brian said: “It’s an amazing and courageous thing to do, not a decision I could make.

“To give yourself up so that others could live, he will always be remembered for that. However sad his death makes us, he made us very proud of him.

"His last memory was of being in the place he loved: Watching the Saints play."

Simon's kidneys and cornea were donated.

Brian has previously thanked the NHS staff who cared for his brother in a letter to the Daily Echo.