Extinction Rebellion will be marching in Southampton to call for immediate action on climate change.

The march is part of an international day of action by the Climate Justice Coalition, with events happening across the globe.

The day takes place halfway through the COP 28 conference, where global leaders meet to negotiate measures to limit carbon emissions, in order to curb the effects of global warming.

Meeting in the Guildhall Square at 12.45pm on Saturday, protesters from Friends of the Earth and Extinction Rebellion will march to the Bargate with drumming and brief information talks.

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Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Southampton, Corin Holloway, said: “We must dramatically and immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels – and overturn the systems of extraction, exploitation and oppression fuelling this breakdown.

“We have no faith that the COP28 Summit will deliver this, as it is presided over by an oil executive in the United Arab Emirates.

“We need to act together to change the course of the future, and we call on people to join us for the march on the 9th of December, and to then come together for a community assembly to decide how Southampton should tackle this challenge together.”

At 2.30pm, march attendees are invited to come to Art House Southampton for food and refreshments, before taking part in a ‘Community Assembly’.

The assembly will give people the opportunity to meet other members of the community and discuss the environmental issues in Southampton.

At this meeting, attendees will then discuss what changes need to be made, and how the community can work together to make these changes happen.

Representative of Friends of the Earth Southampton, Lyn Brayshaw, said: “Climate breakdown is no longer a problem of the future - it’s happening now, and above all, climate related disasters are happening in countries that did the least to contribute to this crisis.

“Meanwhile, the UK has signed off plans to expand drilling for new oil and gas – adding flames to the fire.

“The UK is doing nothing to reduce the cost of living but doing plenty to add to the profits of the corporations most responsible for this crisis, paid for by us through our extortionate bills.”