A driver was in for a nasty surprise when she found her car plastered in bird poo.

The Southampton resident parked her clean car at her workplace in Ocean Village shortly after midday.

But upon her return to the vehicle more than eight hours later she discovered her red car had a brown coating.

She first clocked the substantial splatter when she went to open her car door – consequently covering her hand in faeces.

Daily Echo:

"I just went to open my car door and thought ‘what is that on the handle?’ and it’s bird poo", the driver said in a video shared with the Echo.

"Look at this! Every bird known to man has pooed on my car", she continued.

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Large splatters of bird poo can be seen covering the driver’s window, door, wing mirror and right side of the windscreen.

She drove home and said she hastily rid the right side of her car of the pungent piles.

Describing it as ‘shockingly excessive’ the driver vowed to never park under the trees in the car park again.