In a thrilling display of skill and determination, a multitude of up-and-coming racing prodigies gathered at the Bishop's Waltham Scouts' Kart-Grand Prix.

The date was June 4, 1983, and more than 250 young racing enthusiasts were not able to rely on Ferrari engines, instead depending solely on their own physical prowess for a race filled with adrenaline and excitement.

Daily Echo: Bishop's Waltham go-karting - June 4, 1983.

Representing the Cubs and Scouts from Bishop's Waltham, Shedfield, and Swanmore, the event served as the centrepiece for the district's fun camp at Lyons Copse, Shedfield.

Before the main race, participants engaged in practice sessions and elimination heats to showcase their abilities.

Notably, prizes were bestowed upon those who exhibited remarkable ingenuity in their kart designs during the "concour d'elegance" competition.

Later, there was a camp fire followed by a few surprise investitures,.