A Sky presenter from Fareham who helped her famous TV boyfriend lose 10 stone has shared her top fitness tips.

Hayley Palmer, 42, goes to the gym with partner Mark Labbett - known to households around the country as 'The Beast' on ITV daytime game show The Chase.

He lost the staggering sum of weight after embracing exercise.

Now, as the country turns to fitness after the seasonal excess of December, she has shared her experience staying fit and keeping motivated during the January blues.

She said: "I absolutely love going to the gym – mentally it is brilliant for me. I love the endorphins that get released when I train.

"My fitness routine is to attend a 6:50am body pump class in the morning.

Daily Echo: Hayley has said that she loves a body pump class and swimmingHayley has said that she loves a body pump class and swimming (Image: Submitted)

"When that alarm goes off it is hell, but when it is done you feel so good – that is my commitment to myself; there should be no excuse; I put my gym stuff by my bed – there is no compromise, I just get up and go.

"These early cold months can get you feeling so down, so it is great to get that endorphin release though a little exercise."

Going with a friend

Hayley has recently been joined by her other half and said that going to train with a friend or partner is a great way to keep up the motivation.

She said: "It’s great to work out with a friend or partner – you don’t want to let each other down and I have just started to help Mark with his fitness - it's great."

Find an exercise you love

The presenter continued: "I love dancing and I love the classes – but if you put me in a spin class I would be completely unmotivated to turn up.

"I also love swimming.

"Find the thing you enjoy – weight lifting, spin classes, body pump or swimming; the key to keeping it up is to find the sport you enjoy."

Be manageable

She added: "Even if it’s just a 20 minute home work out or a brisk walk. Getting used to a routine is key.

"People say 'I want to go to the gym for two hours a day' – sometimes that’s okay but it could be unmanageable.

"With Mark and I, we stay away a lot for work so we are getting into the habit of travelling with our gym gear so we can do it on the go."


Hayley said that relaxation is just as important, and that she finishes her workout with a trip to the sauna and steam room.