A Southampton primary school has provided an update after a gas leak forced the school to close on Monday.

Kanes Hill Primary School in Thornhill closed its doors for safety reasons due to a gas leak.

The school alerted parents that it would not be able to open on Sunday night, and stated that emergency services were on site, dealing with the incident, and had switched off the gas supply.

An update has now been issued by the primary school, alerting parents that the school will be back in operation on Tuesday, January 16.

Daily Echo: Kanes Hill School was closed on Monday after a gas leakKanes Hill School was closed on Monday after a gas leak (Image: NQ)A school spokesperson said: “We are grateful to the school community for their understanding regarding a gas leak, which led to the school being closed on Monday for safety reasons.

“Hot water and heating have been restored and the school can open tomorrow, Tuesday, January 15.

“However, the kitchen is isolated whilst a gas leak is being fixed, which means we are only able to offer packed lunches rather than hot meals whilst the problem is resolved.”

The school will continue to update parents through its social media channels and via email.