The man behind a popular club has been driven to despair after the venue's car park entrance was blocked by road works for the second time in three months.

Back in late October, the Chandler's Ford Central Club on Winchester Road had a weekend of gigs cancelled after "unexpected" SSEN road works appeared on the road leading to the club’s entrance.

Despite the fact the works were only set to last three days, they remained in place for two weeks.

Yesterday, club president, Mark Treacy, 61, arrived at the club early to oversee some interior maintenance work.

He said he was extremely unhappy to be greeted by another set of traffic cones and road closed signs.

Daily Echo: The Chandler's Ford Social Club entrance has been blocked for a second timeThe Chandler's Ford Social Club entrance has been blocked for a second time (Image: Submitted)

He said: “These issues and the impact of local traders could be substantially minimised – if SSEN had a proper communication policy.

“It is massively frustrating. We are only asking for a few days’ notice so we can put measures in place and alert our members to the situation.

“After October's fiasco I liaised with a car park company so that my members could park in the car park nearby without being fined while our car park was blocked.

“But instead, we have once again been left in the dark. We had a beer delivery this morning – if that delivery had been half an hour later, I may have no beer to serve all weekend.

“This would be a massive detriment to the business – and could have been avoided with a little consideration from SSEN.”

Daily Echo: Mark Treacy is the president of the social clubMark Treacy is the president of the social club (Image: Submitted)

Mark said the road works have also caused traffic chaos at the Winchester Road roundabout, a main route from Winchester to Southampton.

In response to his frustration, an SSEN spokesperson said: “Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is carrying out further reinstatement work on 16 and 17 January following original works carried out to repair the underground network in Bournemouth Road.

“Due to severe weather and flooding at the time of the original repairs and reinstatement, the council advised SSEN that the groundwork needed to be carried out again after being damaged.

“This work is now being carried out in the vicinity of works by another utility to fix a burst water main.

“Essential traffic management to ensure the safety of road users, pedestrians and engineers is in place for these two days.

“Accommodations made with the affected business include a small diversion, enabling vehicles to use the other entrance to the business.

“These have been set up in line with the business’ requirements and to their satisfaction.”