Facing an uncertain future, a prominent nightclub in Southampton finds itself at a crossroads as its owners have recently disclosed their intention to bring in administrators.

Once the bustling Cannon cinema, the Square Balloon on Above Bar transformed the building from a picture house to a cutting-edge nightspot in the early 1990s.

Its main feature was the prominent rotating screens above the bar, and its vast menu of expensive cocktails was extremely popular too.

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The dress code was strict and always enforced – if you weren’t wearing shoes, you weren’t getting in.

The venue was later renamed The Square and remained as such until its closure and reopening as Provenance in 2012.

Daily Echo: Charity night at Switch.

Provenance was short-lived as was its successor Myth.

Finally the club became Switch in 2015.

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Despite being at the beating heart of Southampton's nightlife for nine years,  it has been hit by increasing costs and clubbers cutting back as a result of rising inflation.