As recently reported in the Daily Echo, staff at a pre-school near Southampton are ‘extremely pleased’ after impressing Ofsted inspectors and being awarded a ‘Good’ rating.

Woodlands pre-school in Netley Marsh was given the positive feedback following the inspection on November 21.

But this wasn’t the first time the New Forest pre-school found itself in the newspaper.

Daily Echo: Saints player Paul Wotton visting Woodlands Nursery and Pre-School to hand out free milk to the children.

As well as appearing in a few nativity supplements over the years, they’ve found their pictures in the newspaper for many other reasons.

In 2010 they were snapped using new sports equipment they had won through a Haven giveaway and in 2007 they were pictured enjoying Netley Marsh carnival.

They were pictured at the carnival again the following year when they were dressed as worker bees - a clever hybrid of workmen and winged insects.

Daily Echo: Children and staff from Paint Pots Pre-school, Woodlands Community College, Harefield, meet Peppa Pig    Tuesday 15th November 2011

But it didn’t stop there. They made an appearance many years since then too.

Saints player Paul Wotton paid a visit to the school in 2009 to hand out free milk to the children.

Woodlands pre-school, which boasts a field and its own allotment, has been open for many years and has always been charity-run.