Sotonians should brace themselves for strong winds today as the city is set to be battered by gales brought by Storm Isha.

A 24-hour yellow warning for wind is in place from 12pm.

It means the strong winds may cause damage to buildings such as tiles falling from roofs.

The Met Office has also warned that injuries and flying debris posing a danger to life are possible as are power cuts.

The city is forecast to be hit by gusts of up to 55mph.

Below is an hour-by-hour forecast from the Met Office.

Hour-by-hour weather forecast for Sunday

Below is the full forecast for today:

Midnight: Heavy rain, 5C, 35mph winds

1am: rain, 5C, 35mph winds

2am: cloudy, 5C, 36mph winds

3am: heavy rain, 7C, 38mph winds

4am: Rain, 8C, 36mph winds

5am cloudy, 9C, 31mph winds

6am: cloudy, 9C, 29mph winds

7am: clear sky, 9C, 28mph winds

8am: cloudy, 9C, 29mph winds

9am: cloudy, 10C, 28mph winds

10am: cloudy, 10C, 28mph winds

11am: cloudy, 11C, 31mph winds

12pm: cloudy, 11C, 35mph winds

1pm: cloudy, 11C, 36mph winds

2pm: cloudy, 11C, 36mph winds

3pm: cloudy, 11C, 40mph winds

4pm: cloudy, 11C, 40mph winds

5pm: cloudy, 11C, 44mph winds

6pm: cloudy, 11C, 45mph winds

7pm: cloudy, 11C, 49mph winds

8pm: heavy rain, 11C, 52mph winds

9pm: heavy rain, 11C, 55mph winds

10pm:  heavy rain, 11C, 54mph winds

11pm: heavy rain, 11C, 55mph winds