A new specialist resource unit for deaf children at Newlands Primary School has made a “dramatic difference” to children, a teacher has said.

The new building at the Millbrook school opened in November and provides a space for specialist teaching which helps deaf children process and learn sign language.

A teacher at the school on Windermere Avenue has said they hope this will help the children come out of their shells as they tend to be more reserved.

The resource unit has been fully designed by Southampton City Council’s in-house Design Services Team, with input from designers at Hampshire County Council.

It includes two classrooms, a therapy room, a group room, a staff room and storage along with toilets.

Daily Echo: The new facilities include two new classrooms and a therapy roomThe new facilities include two new classrooms and a therapy room (Image: Submitted)

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Sarah Weaver, a teacher in charge of the unit, said: “It makes a dramatic difference, these children are behind when they arrive because, for most of us, we are learning the language before we even start school.

“In mainstream classrooms, deaf children are completely overwhelmed by all of the language, sounds and everything happening around them and they are quite at a disadvantage unless you’re able to level their playing field.

“I’m terms of practicality, having the ability to close doors and have rooms dedicated for deaf children is a real game changer because it means we can explore language and unpick it and help them.”

The school has been working with deaf children since it was approached by the city council five years ago to host the proposed unit.

Daily Echo: Children learning sign language at Newlands Primary SchoolChildren learning sign language at Newlands Primary School (Image: Newsquest)

Daily Echo: Headteacher Karen MellorHeadteacher Karen Mellor (Image: Newsquest)

Headteacher Karen Mellor said: “It was something we were really excited doing; our school is highly inclusive so this was a different angle to the inclusion and our staff have also been on a journey to learn new skills to really support these children and help them thrive.”