A trans woman "exposed her penis" over the course of two days to the same pair of young girls as she "glorified in her nudity", a court heard.

Samantha Norris - who is "in the course" of gender transition - showed off her body, "loving the fact" the horrified youngsters were watching, jurors were told.

The charity shop worker, 56, allegedly looked the girls "dead in the eye" as she touched herself in the window of her home in Ringwood in July last year, as they walked their dog.

Ms Norris, sat in the dock wearing a half leopard print, half pink long sleeve top, with shoulder length blonde hair and red lipstick on, denies the charges.

She is accused of four counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and two counts of exposure where she "intentionally exposed her penis intending someone would see it and cause alarm or distress".

Judge Christopher Parker KC told jurors at Southampton Crown Court: "Samantha Norris is in the course of gender transition and prefers to be referred to as she."

Describing the alleged incidents, prosecutor Charles Gabb told jurors: "Imagine yourself as one or two of you may be, as an adult in your mid 50s.

"You may be in a flat or maisonette and you may be naked but there comes a time when you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are two young girls outside your property who can see you fully naked.

"What do you do?

"Do you stand there as it was, showing yourself off in all your glory, or do you quickly cover yourself up, draw the blinds, duck down, hide, put some clothes on.

"Because that is part of the issue in this case.

"This defendant stood there in various poses over two days, almost glorifying in showing off to those two girls, her naked body.

"At that stage, Ms Norris is now, as it were, transitioning and she has a penis.

"Standing there, fully naked on the first day, glorifying in nudity over quite a long period of time, knowing the girls were there, drawing attention to herself."

When Ms Norris saw the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, the next day she was naked again, "posing and almost posturing".

On the second day Mr Gabb said she was "definitely manipulating her penis".

"The Crown would suggest there was no attempt to cover up, no attempts of any modesty or propriety," he added.

"Seemingly glorifying the position and loving the fact there's two girls watching nakedness.

"On the second day, playing with her penis in full view when they were outside and she was inside by the window."

The court heard the mother of one of the children downplayed the first sight of naked Ms Norris as a neighbour caught "changing".

However, when it happened the next day the police were called and Ms Norris was arrested.

When Ms Norris was arrested and interviewed by police, she said she was a "naturist" and denied the allegations made by the girls, jurors heard.

In an interview with police, one of the girls said she felt "uncomfortable" when Ms Norris was "staring and smiling" at the two of them.

She said: "I felt a bit unsafe because it felt like he was trying to look at us at all times - I don't know if he wanted to be seen.

"He was looking us dead in the eye and smiling.

"I was very freaked out by what I saw."

The trial continues.