Two men dressed as cowboys were confronted by armed police in Winchester city centre for having guns, before finding out they were props for a music video.

Photos show police with guns surrounding two men in Stockbridge Road near the railway station on Wednesday, January 24.

An eyewitness told the Chronicle they were filming a music video which got out of hand. 

One of the men, Sol Milson, said in a Facebook comment: “We were shooting a music video and someone reported the car for having guns in the back. We got guns put to our faces carted off in a police car and taken to Basingstoke police station. They soon realised the guns are props. On a plus side music video coming out February 1.”

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Eyewitness Jenny Penfold was in Cafe Røst when armed police swarmed the area. She said: “We did see them being put in a police car, yes it was mental. 

“Basically what happened was, I was in Røst, about to leave. Got yelled at by armed police to go back inside. Whole load of them swarmed the two cowboys and they put their hands on their heads and had to get out from where they were (I think in their car). Police had their guns aimed at them. Then they got put in the police vehicle and I went back to work.

“In regards to it being a hoax however one of the cowboys messaged me on Instagram telling me what happened and he said they got taken to Basingstoke police station and they were trying to film a music video and it got out of hand!”

Hampshire Constabulary has been contacted for more information.