A petition by a Romsey mother against a school's 'draconian' uniform policy has gained 200 signatures.

Karen Taylor started the petition after her son Logan Taylor, 14, was given detentions at The Romsey School for having his shirt half-tucked in and not having his top button done up.

Mrs Taylor, of Duttons Road, complained over the school's communication to parents about the detentions.

By Thursday, January 25, the petition has gained 200 signatures. 

On the petition page, Mrs Taylor said: “My son, like many other students at his school in Romsey is being subjected to an unreasonable uniform policy.

"The school has been issuing detentions for minor uniform infractions such as a slightly untucked shirt or an improperly knotted tie.

"These detentions are communicated to parents via email with no prior warning given to the students themselves.

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“The severity of these punishments does not match the triviality of the infractions.

"Students are required to serve hour-long after-school detentions or 40-minute lunchtime detentions during which they are not allowed time to eat. This practice is not only unfair but also potentially harmful to their health and wellbeing.

“According to a study by the National Education Union (NEU), overly strict uniform policies can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety among students, leading to decreased academic performance and lower self-esteem.

"Furthermore, research from the Children's Society found that punitive measures such as detention can damage student-teacher relationships and hinder learning.

“This petition calls on our local education authorities in Romsey and our school administration team for an immediate review of this draconian uniform policy. We urge them to adopt a more reasonable approach that respects our children's rights while maintaining discipline in a fair manner.

“Please sign this petition if you believe in advocating for fair treatment of our children at school.”

The Romsey School headteacher Annie Eagle previously said: "We are very proud of the high expectations and aspirations at The Romsey School. These expectations are reflected in our students' engagement in learning, in excellent uniform and their exemplary attitudes and behaviour across the school. 

“It is of course vital that we work to ensure consistency with these expectations. Students are encouraged to make great choices.

"If a student does not make good choices, we work closely with them and their family to ensure that they understand, as you would expect, that there will inevitably be a consequence in line with published school policy.

"It is so important that we prepare our students for the reality of life beyond school whilst enabling them to be the very best they can be."

To view the petition, visit change.org/p/reform-unfair-school-uniform-policy-and-detention-practices?.