The landlord of the Platform Tavern has said he’s beyond thankful his pub has fully reopened following an electrical fire.

Stewart Cross, landlord of the Platform Tavern in Town Quay, was able to raise £22,000 from charitable gigs and an online fundraiser, telling the Echo the pub couldn’t have reopened without support from the public.

The celebrated pub in Town Quay had a soft reopening last month after being forced to stop operating for nearly three months when a blaze inflicted £30,000 of damage to the building.

He said: “I’m beyond thankful, we really couldn’t have opened without the support from the public and our loyal customers.

“It means the world to know that the Platform is valued by so many people.

Daily Echo:

“It’s been a tough time but it’s so good to reopen – you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Some of the bar staff had left the pub upon its brief closure but those who stayed on are now being paid again, with the Platform employing three kitchen staff and five employees at the front of house.

Stewart said: “It’s a relief to be able to pay the staff again.

“It’s been a long road to this point and we’re still a little bit limited in terms of staffing, but the stress levels have gone down quite a lot.

Daily Echo:

“The three months we were closed it was very stressful for everyone involved.”

With business back to normal, the pub landlord is eager to welcome punters back and showcase local musical talent.

Stewart added: “It’s great to have the football fans back in on a Saturday, I think we’ve missed them, and they’ve missed us!

“Aside from that, we enjoy our live music and many of the bands that have performed here previously will be coming back over the course of the year.”