A Hedge End pharmacy will benefit from a 24/7 prescription collection machine to help ease busy periods and prevent long queues in the chemist.

St Luke's Pharmacy in Hedge End has submitted a planning application for a Medpoint prescription collection machine.

It works like an ATM machine for prescriptions and allows patients to collect medication at any time.

The machine will have a vinyl display with operating instructions and a company logo.

The planning application said this signage detail will be in keeping with the current look of the pharmacy and also specifies the replacement of the left window to the main entrance to accommodate the new machine.

Designed and built in Britain, the machine automates prescription collection.

It allows patients to collect their prescriptions 24 hours a day instead of being confined to pharmacy opening hours.

The collection point is highly secure with integrated alarms, CCTV and is temperature-controlled to ensure medicines are stored safely.