A man on trial accused of murdering a Southampton resident after a gang went to the 'wrong flat' in a robbery has said the plan was for "no one to get hurt".

Jurors heard from Keiran Claffey, 29, who is one of five men who deny the murder of Mark Noke, 64, who died after being stabbed at his home in Warburton Road, Southampton.

Winchester Crown Court has heard Claffey and his co-defendants went to the wrong flat to try and rob a man of £30,000 in cash and drugs in the early hours of February 25 last year.

Giving evidence on Tuesday, Claffey, who has admitted conspiracy to rob but denies murder, told the court the plan was to carry out a robbery by brandishing an imitation firearm to make the person “freeze” and hand over £30,000 in cash and 2kg of cannabis.

He added the plan was for “no one to get hurt”.

His co-defendants Aaron Morgan, 32, of Bursledon Road, Bradley O'Dell, 22, of West Park Road; Justin Roach, 40, of Chapel Road and Leighton Tabone, 24, of no fixed address, all deny murder and manslaughter.

Morgan, O’Dell, Roach and Tabone deny conspiracy to rob.

Daily Echo: Mark NokeMark Noke (Image: Hampshire police)

Claffey told jurors the group took off from Steep Close and were driven to the address by Morgan.

He said on the way they picked up O’Dell, and arrived at Mr Noke's address in Warburton Road between 12am and 1am.

Jurors heard the group arrived at Mr Noke's home after taking a wrong corner.

Claffey said he stood in the corridor near Mr Noke’s front door, while the rest stood ahead of him and they went into the flat.

Prosecutors have previously said men inside the flat asked Mr Noke about a man and a woman before one of them plunged a knife into his chest, puncturing his lung. Prosecutors say none of the men would reveal to police who stabbed Mr Noke.

Claffey told the jury he heard ‘scuffles’ and during this time he says he saw O’Dell run out of the flat past him. Claffey said he went up to the front door, and that is when he saw blood on the hallway in Mr Noke's flat.

Claffey, of Keynsham Road, said: “I make my way to the front door, pushed [the door] open and I see blood on the hallway on the floor.”

He added: “I could hear slamming of doors.”

He said he didn’t step into the flat as he had his “suspicions” that the others were searching it.

He said he then returned to the car. He said: “I thought someone has been injured. I panicked. That wasn’t in the plan, so I left.”

When asked by defence counsel Brian St Louis KC about any allegation he was carrying a knife, he said it was “impossible” for anyone to have seen him carrying one because he “never had a knife”.

Following the attack, the group - without O’Dell - were driven back to Steep Close where they went their separate ways, Claffey said.

The trial continues.