Snow is set to impact large areas of the UK this week, as cold air from the north moves across the nations, but will it impact Eastleigh?

Parts of Scotland will get snow showers until around midday on Wednesday, February 7.

After that, parts of northern and central England plus Wales will see some impacts from 6am on Thursday, February 8 to 6am on Friday, February 9.

What will the weather forecast be for Eastleigh?

The full details for the weather forecast for Eastleigh can be seen on the Met Office website here.

Snow is not forecast to fall in the area, instead there will be plenty of heavy rain, particularly on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 7

  • 12pm - 7C, overcast
  • 3pm - 7C, overcast
  • 6pm - 7C, overcast
  • 9pm - 7C, overcast

Thursday, February 8

  • 6am - 7C, heavy rain (>95% chance of precipitation)
  • 9am - 8C, heavy rain (>95% chance of precipitation)
  • 12pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 3pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 6pm - 10C, heavy rain (80% chance of precipitation)
  • 9pm - 10C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)

How to drive safely in snow and ice

Friday, February 9

  • 6am - 10C, light shower (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 9am - 10C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 12pm - 11C, heavy shower (70% chance of precipitation)
  • 3pm - 11C, sunny intervals
  • 6pm - 10C, partly cloudy
  • 9pm - 10C, partly cloudy

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Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Chris Almond said: "There’s an increased signal for wintry hazards as we move through the week as cold air from the north moves over the UK.

"It’s from Thursday that the snow risk becomes potentially impactful, as mild air attempts to move back in from the south, bumping into the cold air and increasing the chance of snow where the two systems meet.

"While there are still lots of details to work out, the initial snow risk looks highest in northern England and Wales from Thursday. 1-2cm is possible to low levels, with 10-20cm possible over the highest ground within the warning area. This snow is likely gradually change to sleet and rain later on from the south."