A private hire driver drove 1,000 miles with damaged brakes - and still carried on after the vehicle's licence expired, council papers have revealed.

The alarming incident saw the Cab My Ride worker pick up passengers in the Ford Galaxy for three weeks after it failed a test on August 15 last year and before getting the brakes fixed on September 5.

After its licence expired on August 31, the six-seater continued to be used as recently as November 8 when it was given to another driver by mistake.

It only came to light following the most recent in a string of complaints against the company, which could see it lose its licence.

A spokesperson for Cab My Ride said it is "committed the presenting our case thoroughly" when the decision is made next week and will continue to "cooperate fully" with the authorities involved.

The other complaints quoted in the council report include wheelchair users being overcharged, children being driven to and from school in an unlicensed and damaged vehicle and questions around the conduct of the former director, who resigned in 2020.

Cab My Ride has been licensed by the council to take private journey bookings in the city since 2010.

It also operates under the names Bitterne Cars and Aryvo and also picks up passengers in Eastleigh and the New Forest.

Daily Echo: Cab My Ride director Arjan SahotaCab My Ride director Arjan Sahota (Image: Newsquest)

According to council papers, its licence has been at risk several times, including following a complaint in 2019 that they were charging a premium for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

At the time, the company's app quoted between £12 and £14 for an average journey with an accessible vehicle - whereas a regular vehicle was £7 to £9.

The firm was sent a written warning by the council, which said: "This apparent discrimination against disabled users brings into question if you are fit and proper as an operator."

On September 28, 2020, the council received five complaints about an incendiary Facebook post by then-director Harjit Singh Sahota which claimed their rivals "ripped people off" and were not wearing PPE during the pandemic.

This led to him resigning and being suspended as a driver for a month, the council papers said.

On March 1, 2021, the council's school transport department said Cab My Ride was using an "unlicensed and damaged vehicle" to drive children around.

An investigation was launched which led to new measures being put in place, and another written warning being given to the company.

On December 12, 2022, the same department filed another complaint - that Mr Sahota was "being unprofessional with school run escorts" by asking to come in for a cup of tea or to go inside their homes to use the bathroom.

A letter of advice was given to him.

The high number of complaints and "poor responses" from Cab My Ride led to another letter of advice being sent to the company, the report said.

The car being used with broken brakes and an expired licence only came to light following a complaint on November 6 about the people carrier's livery being wrong.

A council interview with current director Arjan Sahota in December revealed the vehicle was given to the driver by mistake after the one he was meant to use was involved in a crash.

According to the report, Mr Sahota admitted there were "few, if any checks carried out when cars were handed over to drivers" and "no current system for stopping a vehicle working when its licence expires if it is already on their platform".

The director said he could "reinstate a system" to deal with this.

The private hire firm's fate in the city will be decided at a licensing committee meeting on February 14, where councillors will consider the report.

A spokesperson for Cab My Ride said: "We acknowledge the pending hearing regarding Southampton City Council's decision to our operator’s licence.

"We are actively engaged in the process and are committed to presenting our case thoroughly. We will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities involved."