A new barn can be built in the Hampshire countryside, despite concerns over its size. 

Frederick James's application was brought before Winchester City Council's planning committee by Curdridge Parish Council.

The approved scheme is for a barn to store a tractor and hay, off Botley Road in Curdridge.

The proposal was recommended for approval before the meeting on Wednesday, February 7.

It had no supporting or objecting comments from the public.

The planning officers' report said: “The proposed barn would occupy an external footprint of approximately 160 square metres and would have an overall height of just under 4.5 metres. External facing materials to the walls would comprise concrete panels and timber cladding.

“Having regards to the amended design and layout, it is considered that the proposal would respect existing landscape pattern, minimise visual impact, and would include satisfactory landscaping arrangements."

Daily Echo: Cllr Mark Reach

Jonathan Carkeet, from the parish council, said: “Due to the size of the barn, it will have a visual impact on the landscape. The large structure will set a precedent for further development. It is not suitable for the location.”

Cllr Sudhakar Achwal, who represents the Whiteley and Shedfield ward, said: “I have concerns about the barn. It will be used for 200 bales of hay for one horse grazing in the field. The size of the building feels over the top. 

“The barn will be visible from the road and compromise the openness of the land. You should refuse this in its current state.”

Daily Echo: Barn plan

Michael Knappett, the applicant's agent, said: “The proposed use is entirely appropriate for the location. This is low-key use for equestrian purposes.”

The committee was split over its decision. Cllr Michael Read said: "It seems enormously large for such a small area of land. It will look colossal."

Cllr Danny Lee said: “It just seems out of proportion for the size of the plot.”

Cllr Jane Rutter, the committee's chairman, said: “Our officers have negotiated with the applicant to reduce the barn's size. I'm happy to support it.”

Cllr Anne Small said: “It does seem out of place. I'm unhappy to support it, given the size.”

The committee voted to approve the plan with six for and three against.