A man accused of fatally stabbing a Southampton resident in a burglary gone wrong told jurors he was just a "lookout". 

Keiran Claffey, 29, told Winchester Crown Court "I am no murderer" as he denied claims he was the one brandishing the knife used to kill 64-year-old Mark Noke.

The night of the burglary in February last year, Claffey said he was stood away from the rest of the gang who burst into the flat in Warburton Road.

He told the jury he only approached the flat's front door when he saw his co-accused Bradley O'Dell run past him.

But upon seeing blood, he told the jury he didn't say anything.

He said: "The group has gone through the door, that’s all I could see.

"The door’s obviously open. From then I play my part as a lookout.

"The next thing I heard [was] footsteps - that’s O’Dell running past me. 

"I’m not sticking around, that’s exactly what I’m not doing."

Daily Echo: Investigators at Warburton Road, SouthamptonInvestigators at Warburton Road, Southampton (Image: NQ)

Defending O'Dell, Oba Nsugbe KC said: "The reason you’re not sticking around, Mr Claffey, is because you’re the one who stabbed him."

Mr Nsugbe also said that after the group went back to the car, O'Dell saw Claffey holding a knife with blood on it. 

But Claffey responded: "That's incorrect." 

Claffey, of Keynsham Road, Southampton denies murder and manslaughter but pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob.  

Aaron Morgan, 32, of Bursledon Road; Bradley O'Dell, 22, of West Park Road; Justin Roach, 40, of Chapel Road and Leighton Tabone, 24, of no fixed abode are also accused of murder and manslaughter and conspiracy to rob.

The jury previously heard Mr Noke was pronounced dead at his home after suffering a stab wound to his chest when a group of burglars intending to steal drugs and cash turned up to the wrong flat.

Asked about their reaction when they found out Mr Noke had died, Claffey said: "Everyone’s morale was down. Everybody was in a low mood.

"None of us were really talkative. We all deal with things differently.

"I am no murderer. Of course, there is emotion in me. It was a bad time for everyone."

But defending Morgan, Kirsty Brimelow KC told Claffey: "You didn’t care because you stabbed him. You were a cold-hearted killer."

The jury heard Claffey has a history of violence.

On one occasion, he stabbed a man in the leg, though Claffey said this was 11 years ago and he had been "backed into the corner" by a grown man.

The trial continues.