Southampton FC are not the only Saints sports group to have called the town home.

The Southampton Saints debuted in 1928, competing in the inaugural season of the Southern League.

While they did not win the league, they finished a respectable second, behind Stamford Bridge.

Unfortunately, they struggled financially and folded after just four seasons, citing issues with the running track and Banister Court Stadium location.

After a five-year absence, the Saints roared back in 1936, joining the Provincial Speedway League.

Daily Echo: Southampton Stadium in th 1950s.

They promptly won the league in their first season back, showcasing their continued potential.

They then moved up to the National League and enjoyed periods of success, finishing runners-up in 1961 and finally achieving their greatest triumph in 1962 - winning the National League Championship!

Sadly, their fairytale ended in 1963 when promoter Charles Knott sold the Banister Court Stadium, leading to the team's disbandment.

Despite their relatively short lifespan, the Saints left a lasting mark on speedway history, particularly with their National League title.

Their legacy lives on through memories of their now-elderly fans, historical records, and pictures like these.

Facebook group Bring Back Southampton Speedway is campaigning to bring about a return of races by the Saints.