A council has been heavily criticised for the ‘disgusting’ state of a block of public toilets – despite being cleaned daily.

Residents have expressed their revulsion at the toilets on Angel Crescent in Bitterne.

‘Vile’ and ‘revolting’ are just two of the words used to describe the facilities outside PureGym.

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But Southampton City Council, who manages the site, has hit back at critics by clarifying the toilets are scrubbed every day.

Commenting on the Daily Echo Facebook page, several residents voiced their disgust.

Shar B-g shared her experience with the foul-smelling toilets.

She said: “Me and my daughter went there when she desperately needed the toilet and there was poo all over the floor and the toilet absolutely stunk.”

Fellow parent Stacey Gray said she would rather her children ‘wee in a bush than those toilets’.

Other residents questioned why the toilets were still open after ’20 years’ in a ‘terrible state’.

Sarahjane Selley said: “These have been a smelly old state since the 80s.

“I'm unsure why they are still open, they are a health hazard.”

Joanne Raynor Green called for the block to be upgraded so facilities would remain available to those shopping in the precinct.

This thought was echoed by Zoe Carr who said the toilets are ‘absolutely vile’ but needed for the area.

She said: “Unfortunately if they get knocked down or locked up there isn't anywhere else to go for people who are desperate, have an illness, or young and old.

“Sadly if they get closed up there would be a lot of people who wouldn't go to Bitterne at all.

“Would be nice if they could just be maintained but money probably doesn't allow.”

It is a widely-held belief by many Southampton residents that the toilets are not cleaned nor maintained.

But the council has disputed this.

A spokesperson said: “The toilets are cleaned every day at the end of the day so that they are clean for the morning.

“On market day, they are cleaned a second time at lunchtime.”

The spokesperson added: “We are keen to improve our district centres, and in a recent consultation on Bitterne district centre, the refurbishment of the toilets came high on the list of priorities.

“We have listened to the consultation and are planning to refurbish the toilets together with other improvements later this year.”