A yellow weather warning for 'heavy rain' has been issued for much of England over the weekend, including Southampton.

The warning will last from 3pm on Saturday, February 17 to 6pm on Sunday, February 18 according to the Met Office.

A statement issued by the forecaster said: "Spells of rain, some heavy, will push east across most areas through Saturday and Sunday. Some disruption is likely."

Southampton hour-by-hour forecast for weekend

The full Southampton Met Office page can be found on the website here.

Saturday, February 17

  • 3pm - 11C, overcast
  • 4pm - 11C, overcast
  • 5pm - 11C, overcast
  • 6pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 7pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 8pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 9pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 10pm - 11C, light rain (50% chance of precipitation)
  • 11pm - 11C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)

Sunday, February 18

  • 12 am - 11C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)
  • 3am - 11C, heavy rain (95% chance of precipitation)
  • 6am - 11C, heavy rain (90% chance of precipitation)
  • 9am - 11C, light shower (40% chance of precipitation)
  • 12pm - 12C, cloudy
  • 3pm - 13C, cloudy
  • 6pm - 11C, clear night

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What to expect with a 'heavy rain' warning

In terms of what to expect with the yellow heavy rain warning, the Met Office says:

  • Bus and train services probably affected with journey times taking longer
  • Spray and flooding on roads probably making journey times longer
  • Flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely
  • Some interruption to power supplies and other services likely

Discussing the weather warning the forecaster added: "An area of persistent and occasionally heavy rain is expected to move from west to east across the warning area during Saturday and Sunday, falling on already saturated ground.

"Rain will clear western areas early Sunday, whilst rate of clearance from east and southeast England is open to some uncertainty, but all areas should become dry by evening."