A new driver has learnt a hard lesson about driving in bad weather conditions after coming off a road in Romsey.

The motorist had recently past their driving test and had not adjusted their speed for the slippery weather conditions on Lower Street, at around 1.40am on Saturday morning.

In a miracle escape, the driver nor their passenger sustained any injuries, despite the fact that a large handrail has smashed through the windscreen of the car in the crash.

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Daily Echo: The driver and passenger sustained no injuries from the crash

Bringing awareness to the danger of driving fast in bed weather conditions, one of the police officers at the scene of the crash posted about the incident as cautionary tale to other on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The officer said: “The driver and passenger from this car somehow walked away uninjured from this crash in Romsey tonight.

“The driver had only recently passed their test and clearly had not adapted their driving to the road or weather conditions.”