In a different twist of fate, had the conclusion not taken such a tragic turn, the situation that Victor found himself in nearly five decades ago could have been comical.

In a twist of fate, Victor the giraffe found himself in an awkward position, his legs sprawled across the ground as though he were doing the splits. Speculations arose that the amorous creature had attempted to engage in romantic endeavours with his female companion, Dribbles, during their time at Marwell Zoo in September 1977.

As the days went by, a shift occurred in the atmosphere. What started as sniggers of amusement gradually transformed into genuine concern. Victor remained on the ground, his attempts to rise futile and hopeless.

Capturing the attention of both local and national news, his predicament quickly became a global spectacle. Every awkward movement he took was meticulously documented and showcased on television and in print media.

Supportive letters and offers of assistance began to flood in from all corners of the world, as the southern region anxiously awaited a resolution while experts fervently worked towards aiding Victor in his recovery.

Daily Echo: HERITAGE. Victor the giraffe at Marwell Zoo. 20/9/77.#

The Royal Navy was called upon to assist in creating a sling to lift him back onto his feet.

Sadly even this failed, leaving Victor in the same sorry state. Ruth Giles, his faithful guardian, never left his side during the trying ordeal.

In the aftermath of Victor's collapse, Ruth devoted countless hours to his care. She lovingly fed him, gently caressed his head, and provided solace whenever the clamour and commotion of the rescue efforts seemed to agitate him.

Daily Echo: Heritage Marwell Zoo. Death of Victor the giraffe, 1977

After enduring immense stress and exerting himself physically, Victor's body sadly succumbed, resulting in his untimely death. With his head resting gently in the arms of Ruth, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Victor was quickly covered with a blanket, the shocked crowd of visitors drifted away and the dozens of journalists went to report the last chapter in a story that had caught the interest of the world.

While the beautiful creature's ending was unfortunate, his memory lived on. The following summer, Dribbles gave birth to a female calf called, appropriately, Victoria.