TOWN council planners have raised no objections to plans to complete internal alterations to a Romsey care home.

James Gant wants to increase the capacity of Abbotswood Court, on Minchin Road, to 64 bedrooms.

The planning application has received one objection from a member of the public.

Romsey Town Council’s planning committee decided it had no objections to the application at a meeting on Thursday, February 15.

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The covering letter for the planning application says: “The current proposal to which this planning application relates seeks to formally increase the capacity of the care home to 64 bedrooms through internal alterations to the building.

“At the ground floor, the application seeks to formalise permission for the two care home bedrooms shown on the approved drawings accompanying application 13/02464/NMA1. The application for this element of the scheme is therefore made retrospectively.

“At second-floor level, permission is sought for 1 additional bedroom through the conversion of an existing informal seating area.

Daily Echo: Romsey Town Council planning committeeRomsey Town Council planning committee (Image: Chris Atkinson)

“The two elements of the scheme will increase the total capacity of the care home to 64 bedrooms.”

In an objection on Test Valley Borough Council’s planning website, Tom Ross, of Minchin Road, said: “Parking at the site is already undersized. Appreciating that the application is for just one bedroom. We as local residents feel little consideration has been offered to its customers who often park obstructing residents' parking bays and pedestrian routes in its current state.”

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Cllr Russell Theron said: “The complainant does not realise that the extra bedroom is inside the building. There does not seem to be anything suggesting otherwise. There is also a visitors car park on the site.”

Cllr John Parker added: “The building used to provide rooms for 60 people, it then had more rooms added which they are seeking retroactive permission for.”

To view more details about the application online, search 24/00163/FULLS on Test Valley Borough Council's online planning portal.