From the heart of Hythe is a pub offering the best of board games, melodies, and captivating entertainment.

Meeple Village is a café, pub, and board game bar on Pylewell Road serving families and visitors alike in the community with quality food and drinks.

The café also has an on-site children's playground and offers a range of events including club events, private hire, parties, game tournaments, quiet events for gamers with auditory sensitivities and more.

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Managing Director Luke Allen wanted a fresh start and a new challenge from his work at the children's services department at Hampshire County Council.

The result is a hub to get people together with top-notch games, drinks, and more. He runs the café together with his business partner, Toby Jackson.

Luke told Daily Echo: “The cafe is open to the public during the day from Monday to Thursday. We serve good quality food and coffee, our board games are available for people to play. On-demand, our staff is happy to teach people as well. We get people into new and exciting games.

“And then Friday, Saturday we're open until late. Once the cafe aspect of the business is closed, we reopen as a bar. We change up the music, change up the lights, and get a different atmosphere in the place.

“It is a great place to bring people together, to do something fun, to interact with each other, and to challenge our brains a little."

The cafe boasts an amazing breakfast, lunchtime, and street menu.

The headline of the street menu is the jumbo hot dogs, acclaimed as the best in the Waterside area. It also offers BBQ food, buns and sandwiches.

Meeple Village is named after the meeple: a small board-game piece, usually shaped like a person.

It is a welcoming venue for locals and visitors alike with a busy programme of events.

The cafe runs activities for different gaming communities including the Warhammer community, Magic The Gathering, and the board gaming community itself.

The Singles Night is Meeple Village’s newest initiative: a speed dating-style event where guests can gather around tables, play games, and engage in exciting conversations.

Allen said: “What sets us apart would be the very simple, easy to learn games on the tables.

"It'll avoid some of that awkwardness for the singles because they've got a shared activity between them that they can fall back on if the conversation is not rolling.”