A Southampton man could have killed his victim after he stabbed him with a screwdriver for making threats to his mother. 

Carl Quist, 21, stabbed his victim in the back as he lay "defenceless" on the floor in Weston, Southampton Crown Court heard. 

The man had been making threats towards Quist's mother and a golf ball had come through their window, barrister Khaled Missouri said.

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But having bumped into each other in the Weston Lane area, Quist checked he had the right person and then "lunged" at the man, chasing him with the screwdriver in hand.

His victim ran but slipped and fell to the floor, at which point Quist stabbed him in the back. 

The man was able to get up and ran back to his block of flats where he escaped into the lift. 

Quist, of International Way, was "quickly chased down and arrested" but gave no comment when interviewed by police, prosecutor John Dier said. 

An ambulance was called for the victim but he refused to go to hospital for scans, despite being warned that he "could die from his injury". 

Judge Gary Burrell KC, sitting as a deputy circuit judge said he could have "easily caused a much more serious injury" adding that when he stabbed him "he was on the ground face down totally defenceless".

"What you did to this young man was cowardly. Taking a screwdriver to someone is just not on in this society," he said.

But mitigating, Khaled Missouri said Quist saw his mother subjected to "horrendous violence" by past partners as he grew up.

She said: "He has had a lot of trauma. He has seen his mother abused over a number of years.

"Rather than stride in and walking confidently, as a child he has effectively limped into adulthood and it is no fault of his."

He added that his client is "unable to deal with conflict" and has been bullied in prison whilst on remand awaiting sentencing. 

Quist pleaded guilty to wounding and was jailed for 12 months.

He was also sentenced for breaching a suspended sentence that he was on at the time of the offence on January 16, this year.

Judge Burrell told him: "If you continue like this when you are released you will absolutely ruin your own life. 

"You will spend a large part of it in prison. I hope you learn form this experience."