A group of Girl Guides have thanked several NHS trust members for supporting the creation of a wellbeing garden.

Members of the Solent NHS Trust's Executive Team were thanked by Southampton's 3rd Test Guide group for supporting their wellbeing garden project.

Situated in the Adelaide Health Centre within the hospital grounds, the gardens provide a peaceful site for both employees and Guides.

Chief Executive Andrew Strevens, Chief of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Angela Anderson, and Chief Finance Officer Nikki Burnett have backed the initiative since it began in 2020.

Several young gardeners met Andrew and Angela this week to express their gratitude.

Soph Strickland, Guide Leader for Third Test Guide group, said: "We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Andrew, Angela, and Nikki for their support and encouragement with the guides’ ongoing community garden project at the Western Community Hospital on our special day – World Thinking Day, and we wanted to celebrate this partnership between the two organisations which has been really special and valued over recent years.

"The Guides will be returning later this year to continue with their community project, and staff and patients have often commented how colourful it looks. As we move to a new Trust, we hope that this collaboration continues to grow."

Daily Echo: Andrew Strevens and Angela AndersonAndrew Strevens and Angela Anderson (Image: Supplied)

Andrew Strevens, Chief Executive, said: "I have valued the ongoing relationship with the Guides, which started during the Covid pandemic. 

"I am proud that Soph has been able to bring together both organisations, which shows the benefits of collaboration."

Angela Anderson added: "This thank you was a lovely recognition of our relationship with the Girl Guides.

"We are very moved by their planting work on the garden which is used by staff and visitors to take a break and reflect. We are looking forward to nurturing this relationship for years to come."

The funding for the gardens, which form an invaluable contribution to the community, was provided by NHS Charities Together.