Former secretary of state for education, Justine Greening is set to give a lecture at Solent University in Southampton.

The talk is part of a new series aimed at fostering collaboration in formulating a strategy that addresses present-day issues and opportunities at modern universities.

The former cabinet member's lecture, titled 'Universities as engines of social mobility and entrepreneurship', is scheduled for March 5 at Solent's East Park Terrace campus.

As founder of the Social Mobility Pledge, she will discuss crucial matters related to the current state of higher education.

Ms Greening, chair of the Purpose Coalition, said: "As we head towards a general election, this is a crucial year for higher education.

"Politicians must have a focus on higher education and the funding system, so that the sector can continue its crucial work on social mobility and driving opportunity.

"It is imperative that the sector continues to break down barriers to opportunity through widening participation, student support, entrepreneurship and much more.

"Universities like Solent are great examples of higher education institutions that can provide the real-life solutions on social mobility that the UK so badly needs.

"I'm looking forward to kicking off the Strategy 2035 lecture series and meeting students, staff and local stakeholders."

Daily Echo: Solent Univeristy, SouthamptonSolent Univeristy, Southampton (Image: Solent University)

Vice-chancellor, Professor James Knowles, added: "Solent is a truly inclusive University that has a long history of ensuring access to higher education for all.

"Universities are at the height of their power when we work collaboratively to deliver the highest quality education that results in the very best outcomes for graduate futures.

"It’s my belief that this has a ripple effect, positively impacting regional economies and producing skilled graduates who are work-ready, confident about their future and prepared to become active and engaged citizens.

"This lecture series has been developed to put collaboration at the heart of our new strategy, and Rt Hon Justine Greening is the very best advocate to launch us into important conversations about how we respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities facing higher education."

Solent's Strategy 2035 Series encourages staff, students, and stakeholders to participate in conversations surrounding the academia's future, social landscape, technological advancements, and prospects for innovation and investment.