A businesswoman won over two of the Dragons with her dementia-friendly business on the hit BBC show.

Southampton business owner Jayne Sibley secured a £125,000 investment from Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden on the latest episode of Dragon’s Den for her mobile app and debit card that's helping people with dementia be more financially independent.

The female millionaires both offered £62,500 for a five per cent share of Jayne’s business Sibstar.

Jayne, 49, who works in Portland Terrace in Southampton, launched the business which allows safe everyday spending, with her partner Martin Orton in March last year.

The pair watched the episode for the first time, as it aired on BBC One on Thursday, February 29, at a party at The Pump House alongside their friends, family and colleagues from Sibstar, Mastercard and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Daily Echo: Jayne and MartinJayne and Martin (Image: Sam Gavins Photography)


The watch party, of more than 100 people, erupted with applause and cheering when they heard Jayne accept the offer on the big screen at the venue in Garnier Road.

Ahead of the episode, Martin said: “This is Jayne’s hero journey and I was always going to be the fall guy. She tells them about this great idea and then I have to tell them what the business is worth and then I get roasted.

“I’m the guy you like but half-way through the movie he has to die and Jayne is the hero. Because I had prepared so well for this incredible success and when they started saying no I started dying from the inside out.

“It’s an innovative business and what’s behind it is really a diamond and it is genuinely making lives better and helping to fight an unseen problem.”

Daily Echo: Martin making his speechMartin making his speech (Image: Sam Gavins Photography)

Jayne, of St Cross in Winchester, said: “Going into the Dragons’ Den was a hugely emotional experience. I founded the business after experiencing my own parents’ struggles with money as their cognitive abilities declined. I had to open up about some very difficult times but the Dragons were very supportive and empathetic. 

“Securing investment from both Sara and Deborah means the world to me. Not only have two of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country recognised the potential in my company, but their input and endorsement can only serve to make financial services more accessible for underserved groups in our society.” 

Daily Echo: Jayne and Martin on call to Sara DaviesJayne and Martin on call to Sara Davies (Image: Sam Gavins Photography)

Sara Davies said: "In the coming years, sadly, more and more families will be affected by dementia and it’s critical that the business community gears up to serve a wider variety of needs. I think many families out there are going to be extremely grateful to Jayne for addressing a common challenge for people with dementia, and I’m excited to offer the benefit of my experience to help those affected live independently for longer.” 

Deborah Meaden said: “Jayne’s idea is so simple but has the ability to transform lives. I was impressed by how she’d taken her own lived experience and channelled it into making an impressive financial services product that’s already secured a foothold in a sector in which it's notoriously difficult to achieve cut-through. I’m looking forward to being involved in the next stage of Sibstar’s exciting journey. Sibstar is the best kind of investment, one that has the an important reason to be and makes a big difference to people’s lives.” 

The excitement didn’t stop with an offer, with Dragon Sara Davies video calling the party to say congratulations.

The episode is available to view on BBC iPlayer. Click on the top image to see a gallery from the watch party taken by Sam Gavins.