A ROMSEY bakery has teamed up with its local primary school to help connect children to where their food comes from.

All 295 pupils at Romsey Primary School received a rabbit roll bread kit from 108 The Bakery to use at home.

The sourdough bakery, in Latimer Walk, initiated the partnership to encourage kids to be more curious about food, where it comes from and how to make it themselves.

Daily Echo: The bakery team with the bunny rabbit roll kitsThe bakery team with the bunny rabbit roll kits (Image: 108 The Bakery)

Liz Trueman, of 108 The Bakery, said: “Each kit contains all the flour, salt and yeast needed to make eight rabbit rolls. We have used the flour from the Lockerley Estate with whom we have built a relationship over the past couple of years. The Lockerley Estate is a 'Beacon of Excellence' for regenerative farming.

“In the UK more than half the calories we consume come from Ultra-Processed Foods and mass produced bread is one of the most commonly consumed. Not only is this bad news for our health, it's not great for the environment as food miles and damaging farming practices are part and parcel of this side of the food industry.

Daily Echo: Happy with their bunny rabbit roll kitsHappy with their bunny rabbit roll kits (Image: Romsey Primary School)

“We are aware that the cost-of-living crisis has put increasing pressure on people's food budget and that not everyone can buy additive-free bread from their local bakery. We hope that by getting some gorgeous local flour into the hands of our local children so that they can watch the magic of turning it into bread, they’ll become just a little curious about how their food is made, what it’s made from, where the ingredients come from and how they were produced. We also hope they’ll have loads of fun making bunny rolls and enjoy eating them.

Daily Echo: Romsey Primary School pupils with their bunny rabbit roll kitsRomsey Primary School pupils with their bunny rabbit roll kits (Image: Romsey Primary School)

“We are also planning some workshops with the children at the school where we hope to be able to talk a little bit more about where and how the wheat is grown as well as make some more lovely bread.”

Martyn Whitear, school business manager, said: “We are hugely thankful to 108 The Bakery for their donation of 295 Rabbit Roll bread-making kits was so lovely and we have heard stories from the children told very excitedly of them making rabbit rolls over the weekend with their parents.

“This a great partnership with 108 The Bakery as a local business and RPS really get together to provide unique and exciting opportunities for our children.  We are really excited and hope to keep the connection going to inspire bakers of the future.”