Here's Southampton centenarian Violet Osborne celebrating her birthday - with a bargain bucket from KFC.

The great grandmother, who has lived in West End for 37 years, insisted on ordering her favourite takeaway to mark the special occasion with her nearest and dearest. 

As reported in the Daily Echo, Violet has reached 100 years young with just one operation - thanks to her daily glass of milk.  

Daily Echo: Violet (in chair) as a toddler with her sister Lily


But she enjoys the occasional treat,  declaring of her £13.99 six piece dinner: "I love KFC!"

Her daughter Wendy Dunford explained: "We asked her what she wanted to do, and she said 'Why don't we get a KFC?" It was either that or a McDonalds Happy Meal."

Daily Echo: Violet Osborne celebrates her 100th birthday with daughter Wendy Dunford and  a KFC

Mrs Dunford said that her mother took a liking to the American fast food chain after being introduced to it by family a few years ago.

Violet, who received a congratulatory card from The King, is proud grandmother to Oliver and Becky and great grandmother to Kara, Ava, Mia and Theo.