Civic chiefs have triggered £2m for the first phase of design work on the redevelopment of Romsey's bus station. 

The proposals are the first phase of the south of Romsey town centre masterplan. 

The plan is for the bus station to be redeveloped into a new and improved hub for public transport and also other uses comprising community, commercial and residential.

The funds, including £3m for redevelopment in the centre of Andover, were approved at the full council meeting on February 29. 

In the council's report, it said: “The council’s thoughts have turned towards the delivery phase of these regeneration projects outlined in the SoRTC Masterplan and, in particular, the resources that will be required to assist in that process.

"The medium-term plan (three to five years) of the masterplan includes the redevelopment of the bus station site.

"The bus station site is proposed to be redeveloped to provide a new and improved mobility hub and a mixed-use development comprising community, commercial and residential uses.

"The mobility hub would become the new central public transport focus of the area and provide uses that would complement the town centre offering. 

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“It is recommended that a budget is committed to progress the redevelopment of the bus station site. The work to be tendered is for the detailed architectural design from concept stage through to the completion of the development.

"This will be based on the principles contained within the masterplan and feasibility work that has been undertaken and reviewed along with other guidance.”

The work on the bus station will precede any work done on Crosfield Hall, which is phase two.

The report said: “The masterplan also envisages that the current Crosfield Hall site will be developed for retail or residential use.

"It indicates that a review of community hall type provision should be undertaken to understand the scale and size of community facilities that are required to meet the needs of Romsey now and in the future.

“The regeneration of the Romsey bus station and the opportunity to realise the maximum potential of the Crosfield Hall site to provide improved community facility provision are identified as the two redevelopment projects in the SoRTC Masterplan.

"Therefore, they naturally emerge as priority projects in the regeneration programme for Romsey town.”

Council leader Phil North said: “We are already moving forward with our important regeneration plans in Andover and Romsey.

"This additional funding will ensure projects can be delivered to support the aspirations of both communities in-line with the visions set out in both masterplans.”