Civic chiefs have announced the next phase of consultation over one of the biggest schemes in Romsey's history.

The future of Crosfield Hall has touched a nerve with people around the town, as one of the options is for it to be demolished and moved to Romsey Rapids. 

The new consultation comes five years after Romsey Future held a Citizens' Assembly, which asked Romsey residents what they wanted from the South of Romsey Town Centre Masterplan.

Part of the findings from 2019 was that people wanted an improved community facility. They also held consultations from 2018-2020 which included more than 15 public events, walking tours and questionnaires. 

Cllr Nick Adams-King, chairman of Romsey Future, said: “The challenge of doing something on the current site is that we would be without a hall for two years. So the idea of moving it somewhere else is that we build that first, then we wouldn't be without a hall.

“This is not about where it's going to be, it's about what we need from the building. That will tell us if we can do something to the Crosfield Hall to keep it or if we build a new Crosfield Hall and where it needs to be.”

Daily Echo: Crosfield Hall

A recent petition to save Crosfield Hall from demolition had gained 154 online signatures by Wednesday, March 6. 

New consultation events will be held throughout the summer with a new Citizens' Assembly in June and July. 

A Romsey's Future statement said: “The outcome of the Citizens' Assembly was a series of recommendations to the council that fed into the development of the masterplan.

"It recommended that Romsey's infrastructure be accessible, that the town be vibrant and full of things that are affordable for all, that the green spaces be enhanced and protected, a community hub created that brings people together across generations and that transport be improved.

"There was no recommendation from the Citizens' Assembly that the Crosfield Hall be demolished.

“The masterplan sets out the options for the future of the Crosfield Hall site for either parking, retail or residential on the basis that alternative community facility provision could be provided. At this stage, no decision has been made on the relocation of the Crosfield Hall.

"This element of the plan can only happen when a decision is made on how best to meet the future needs for community facilities for the town and wider area.

"This piece of work is ongoing and will include extensive engagement with different groups, including existing users of Crosfield Hall, before the summer.

“To help understand the best approach for the town a further Citizens' Assembly, comprising different people to those who took part in the 2019 assembly, will be held in June and July this year."

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