A Romsey grandmother is campaigning to have a safe crossing installed on Cupernham Lane.

Lynda Emery, of North Close, decided to campaign for the crossing when she was taking her grandchildren to school.

She saw how difficult it was for pupils from several schools to cross the road near Cupernham Infant School and Primary School, Romsey Primary School and Romsey Secondary School.

The 72-year-old said: “Children are finding it very difficult to get across that road.

Daily Echo: Lynda Emery said that she started the petition after seeing how difficult it was for children to cross Emery RoadLynda Emery said that she started the petition after seeing how difficult it was for children to cross Emery Road (Image: Chris Atkinson)

“At certain times of the day, the traffic is heavier, because parents are bringing their children to school, and children who walk to school are just unable to get across.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, I don’t even know who my local councillor is, but I thought that it I should.”

The retired teacher said that she is unsure of exactly how many signatures her petition has received, saying that the ones she has received cover “approximately five sides of A4”.

The petition has already seen support from Cupernham Junior School. Headteacher Simon Frost said: “The children’s safety is of paramount importance.

Daily Echo: The crossing on Cupernham Lane in questionThe crossing on Cupernham Lane in question (Image: Chris Atkinson)

“If there is something that can be done to improve that and make it safer for the children to walk into school then it is a moral imperative it is done.

"The footfall at that point has caused a lot of concern and it means it is a perfect place for something to be put in.”

Parents have also voiced their support for the petition, with many calling for something to be done.

Leonie Randles, 40, of Minchin Road, whose son attends Romsey School, said that she is concerned about the visibility of the pupils when they try to cross the road.

Daily Echo: Leonie Randles said that the crossing is the only part of her child's walk to school she is worried aboutLeonie Randles said that the crossing is the only part of her child's walk to school she is worried about (Image: Chris Atkinson)

She said: “The Romsey School uniform is quite dark, and the kids are at that age when they are all trying to fit in and wear black clothing. So, the visibility of those pupils is what I’m worried about.

“I’m not worried about any other part of my child’s walk to school, not when they are near the canal or the industrial estate, but I’m really worried about that crossing.”

Barbara and Brian Ward, of West Lane, North Baddesley, who were dropping their grandchildren off at Cupernham Infant School, said that there are more cars on the road since their children were at school.

Barbara said: “The safety of the children should come first. That road is really busy, and children do not always concentrate very well. A proper crossing there would keep the children safe.”

Daily Echo: Brian and Barbara WardBrian and Barbara Ward (Image: Chris Atkinson)

Victoria Parker, 33, of Mercer Way, called the current crossing situation on Cupernham Lane “really dangerous”.

She added: “I cross it every day with my children and sometimes we’ll think it is clear and safe for us to cross only for a car to come flying around the corner and almost knock us down. It’s happened a few times now.

"Sometimes I feel the need to take the kids to a different crossing because the one we currently have is so busy.”

Cllr Janet Burnage, ward councillor for Cupernham, who joined Mrs Emery gathering signatures, said: “There used to be a crossing patrol person here for the children’s safety, but that person left a few years ago and a replacement was never found.

"Children’s safety is very important, as is the safety of everyone who uses this road.

“This petition is very important, and this crossing is something I have been approached about this in the past.”

Hampshire County Council has been contacted for comment.