A woman trapped in her bed was fearing for her safety after a fellow patient was attacked.

Diana Pothecary said she and other vulnerable women were put at serious risk at Southampton General Hospital.

The 58-year-old from Bitterne says she watched on in horror as a pensioner on her ward was punched in the arm by a fellow patient.

Diana, who had limited mobility due to cellulitis complications, tried to intervene.

Instead, the perpetrator allegedly threatened to pull her cannula out from her arm.

An investigation into the incident on March 1 has been launched, but it has left Diana reluctant to return to the hospital.

Daily Echo:

She said: “The woman squeezed an elderly lady – who could barely move or talk – on the arm.

“I called her over to me and she sat on the chair next to my bed. She told me how she had been hurt so she wanted to hurt everyone else.

“She threatened to pull my cannula out, then went and punched the elderly lady in the same place on her arm.

“I was shouting for the nurse who came in about four minutes later.

“She asked if I wanted my curtains around my bed closed, and I said no.

“All the patients in that ward were put at risk. The elderly lady who was hurt shouldn’t have been put in that position.”

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Upon hearing what happened, one man collected his wife from the ward due to concerns about her safety.

For Diana, this highlighted the severity of the situation.

She said: “I was shocked when the woman was punched.

“And for the husband of one patient to take his wife home, out of hospital because he was so concerned for her safety, is quite telling.

“I have never in my life seen anything like it.

“The woman was willing to hurt a frail, old lady who had limited mobility and speech.”

She added: “I was glad to get out of the hospital on March 8.

“The attack shouldn’t have happened, and I do not want to go back there.

“I am concerned something like this will happen again.

“I would hate to read in the Echo that something more serious has happened, it would be awful.”

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed an investigation is ongoing and all available lines of enquiry are being followed.

A spokesperson from University Hospital Southampton said: "This incident is currently being investigated by Hampshire Police and it would be inappropriate to comment further while an investigation is ongoing."