A Hampshire MP has backed £165 million in new investment from the government which will help a site in Hampshire.

On March 6, the Chancellor unveiled the programme dedicated to constructing and operating secure children's homes.

Aiming to boost public sector productivity, the scheme will create 200 additional child social care spaces. Of the total funding, £45m will be match funded by local authorities for home construction.

One beneficiary is Hampshire, set to gain a new children's home replacing Swanwick Lodge, which is nearing its 30th year and secured rebuild funding from the Department for Education.

Hampshire County Council has been in discussions with the Department for Education for considerable time to secure funding for this project.

Suella Braverman, MP for Fareham, said: “I am thrilled to see Swanwick Lodge has been selected to receive a significant funding package by the Department for Education.

"I know that the current site is reaching the end of its tenure, and the County Council has been looking at multiple options to deliver a new unit to replace the current site."