Delays on Southampton's major roads are worse than the national average according to government data.

The Department for Transport has released data on the average speed, delay and reliability of travel times on the Strategic Road Network and local A roads.

Accumulated from statistics across 2023, the data represents ‘seconds per vehicle mile’ – how many seconds a vehicle is held up for each mile travelled.

All nine of Southampton’s A roads have seen an increase in delays compared with the previous year.

Here is a breakdown of Southampton’s A roads are performing:

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The A3035 links the northern and western suburbs of Southampton with the eastern part of the city across Southampton Common.

Statistically, the A3035 has the worst seconds per mile waiting time, 181 seconds – equating to over three minutes.


The A3057 heads north-west out of Southampton city centre and leads motorists as far as Andover.

According to The Department for Transport Data, it’s the second worst performing A road in the city, with vehicles being held up for 141.3 seconds – nearly two and a half minutes – per mile.

That figure has risen more than 20 seconds – 120.6 seconds – from two years ago.


The A335 is an important route that connects Southampton to the M3, going as far north as Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford.

It’s the third worst performing A road in Southampton, with a 135.3 second delay time per mile.

The data is an over 30 second increase when compared with 2022, that’s risen from 104.6 seconds.


The A3024 is the main route out of Southampton that joins up with the M27, taking motorists towards Fareham and Portsmouth.

The A road has a delay time of 127.1 seconds per mile, with many residents commuting between Southampton and Portsmouth for work.

It’s up 113.8 seconds per mile from the previous year.


The A35 leads west out of Southampton, connecting the city to Honiton in Devon – passing through the New Forest and into Dorset.

The seconds per mile waiting time for the A35 is 114.4 seconds according to the government data.

That’s risen from 97.7 seconds in 2021.


The A3025 is the shortest route between Southampton and the M27, going as far as Bursledon.

The Department for Transport calculated 97.1 seconds per mile of delays in 2023.

The A3025 passes over the Itchen Toll bridge.


The A334 is a largely single carriageway road that runs from Southampton to Wickham.

The seconds per mile waiting time for the A334 is 91.7 seconds.

That’s an increase from 68 seconds from two years previous.


The A33 is a major road that goes from Totton, Southampton, up to Berkshire.

With a seconds per mile waiting time of 87.9 seconds, it is one of the least congested A roads in the city.


The A27 is the least congested A road in the city.

The A27 has a seconds per mile waiting time of 74.3 seconds, and follows the south coast of Hampshire and West Sussex.